Being in shape

A long time ago when I was young, there was a big sign in the park near my home.  It read: “A strong body makes a strong mind”.  At that time, these words didn’t make much sense, but not so today.  I think about it a lot.

I see seniors eighty-years and over who are still fit physically and mentally.  The day you start shuffling your feet, give up exercising, and become indifferent to world affairs, that’s the day you have decided to be old.  I’m well aware that illness may impose serious restrictions.  However, whatever exercising we can still manage will bring physical and mental benefits.  Personally, being well over three quarters of a century old, I still do my best to go swimming and bicycling.  However, at times, I must face reality squarely when a young woman at Costco offers to help put my case of beer into my cart.

This section deals with computer programs on exercising, dancing and mental gymnastics