Useful WEB Addresses

I have visited the sites that follow and found them useful and/or interesting. First, you will find the sites already mentioned in the previous pages.

Warm-Up Diction Exercises

Several interesting websites and videos deal with improving elocution. Surfing the WEB, I have become familiar with many of them.

The following Web addresses could be useful:

The internet offers many interesting videos and websites about exercises to improve elocution. It was by surfing the net that I had the chance to discover many interesting examples.

These very popular YouTube videos deal with the following:

  • Muscle structure of the mouth and tongue
  • Breathing exercises
  • Articulating drill
  • Diction using traditional sentences

Vocal Warm-Up #4: Articulation (4:24)

Articulator Exercises | Accent Training (3:34)

How to breathe, full lung exercises, oxygenate your cells by deep breathing. Pastorstraw (3:20)

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Public Speaking Prep: Lip Flutters (1:16)

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Public Speaking Prep: Wee & Wah (1:40)

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Public Speaking Prep: Smile & Frown (1:13)

Basic Diction Exercises

Several videos for pronouncing difficult words and longer sentences.
Some of them include ENGLISH TONGUE TWISTER
Sentences can be read and repeated, or a speech synthesizer with variable speeds can be used.
Finally, advice on good pronunciation which will help to be understood by other people.

English Pronunciation Practice: 15 Difficult Words in English (3:25)

How to pronounce difficult words in English (2:54)

Therapy for Reading Impairment-2 Syllable non-words List 1 (0:59)

50 Difficult Words to Pronounce

English Tongue Twisters

Do You Mumble: Speech Exercises to Cure Mumbling (5:26)

Exercise 4: Rapid Pronunciation

The WEB addresses give examples of high-speed speech delivery.

Learn English with Tongue Twisters (3:13)

15 Fun Alliterative Tongue Twisters

Websites on Aphasia

L’Association québécoise des personnes aphasiques de Montréal (AQPA): this site has information on aphasia, its group activities and volunteering program.

Le Théâtre Aphasique website: its goals, history, activities and a schedule of coming performances.

Sites on IT (Information Technology)

This site is about aphasia. People with aphasia will find out the many ways IT can be of help. Here are a few WEB addresses which could prove handy.