Writing Problems

In addition to speaking and reading, writing has also been a problem since my stroke.  It seems that I must relearn how to spell many words.  When I write, I stall on the 2nd syllable.  When I take a class, I write a few words in block letters and hope the prof will hand out sufficient notes so I can get more information on the Internet.  I seem to have forgotten how to use small words such as prepositions.  Therefore, everything I write is corrected by a competent writer.  I have stayed away from Facebook because of this problem.

Giving examples of my problems with writing is somewhat difficult.  On the one hand, one does not always recognize his mistakes.  On the other hand, examples should spring up spontaneously, without having the handicap in mind.  Here are some examples of difficulties.  One day, I meant to write the word “specialist”.  I succeeded on the 4th attempt after much trial and error: “spetialist”, “spealist”, “specilist” and finally “specialist”.  Working on the titles for this site, I wrote “Intectual Gymnastics” instead of “Intellectual Gymnastics”.  I had to ask for help after five minutes of trying to make the correction myself.

An example of omitted prepositions:

To my mind, the following sentence was correct:

‘’Using the computer allows  us find appropriate  exercises the WEB, practice the correct pronunciation and listen the results.’’

The corrected sentence should read:

‘’Using the computer allows  us to find appropriate  exercises on the WEB, practice the correct pronunciation and listen to the results.’’