Aphasic Theater

Theater is an excellent means of improving oral communication and taking one’s place in society.  During rehearsals, diction and memory are both improved.  Performing in front of other actors and spectators increases self-confidence.   Being surrounded by other aphasic people who share similar problems facilitates integration into the group.

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The  Theatre Aphasique is a non-profit organisation centered around the rehabilitation and social reintegration of aphasic people through the dramatic arts.  It consists in:

Promoting the social reintegration of individuals with aphasia and other communication problems through drama workshops and plays

Promoting artistic creation in individuals with aphasia and other communication problems

Raising public awareness about the experiences of aphasic individuals through the sharing of plays created and acted by them

Introducing the Aphasic Theater approach to interested parties working in the field of aphasia treatment

My Introduction to Theater

I started doing theater as part of a joint project between Université de Montréal and Théâtre Aphasique.  The goal was to measure behaviour improvement in people with aphasia who were experimenting with acting.

In the play “I Bequeath My Insanity”, everyone worked within the group to share on stage his feelings of the here and now.  My part consisted in saying six sentences.

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I recall our first performance at UQUAM.  As is the custom in theatre, one arrives three hours ahead.  I sat at the back of the hall and wondered what I was doing there.  At first, I just wanted to run away, but I eventually got into the act and if I may say so, into the magic of acting on stage.

Jeux,scène er délirePresently, I have a part in « Some Frenzied Killing Games”, adapted from three excerpts by Ionesco.  A city is struck by a strange epidemic.  The sick and those suspected of being ill are forced into confinement regardless of their social status.

This time, my lines are much longer, but I’m doing well in spite of my imperfect diction and a few “swallowed” words.  I’m enjoying it and that’s what counts.

This page deals partly with information on Le Théâtre Aphasique website.  Just click on the link.