Reading Using the Speech Synthesizer

Since my stroke, reading has become a handicap and the synthesizer, a LIFE SAVER.


As a speech synthesizer, NaturalReader is my tool of choice.  Version 11 has a more stable floating bar than version 10.  The floating bar may be placed over a document to allow direct transfer to NaturalReader of the passage to be read.  See the diagram below.  Here, we have an article from a friend.  The entire article is transferred to the synthesizer even though only a part of the article is visible in the NaturalReader window.

Lire un courriel

Therefore, I use NaturalReader for e-mails, various Word and PDF documents and e-books.  I can read easily because the system is fast and flexible.

A macro which deletes irritants such as underlining bars and web addresses is available.

Thanks to wireless earphones, it is possible to listen without disturbing other people when the computer is located in a busy area.

NaturalReader Information

Much information on the program NaturalReader is available on the WEB.  I have visited the following sites:

The Electronic Tablet

Before I had a stroke, I would read the paper at the breakfast table.  Nowadays, I use the computer program (a synthesizer) to read my newspaper,

However, as this photo demonstrates, I find the iPad more practical.


I can put the paper down on the table, leaf through it and read whatever articles I find interesting.  My newspaper has a system which reads to me out loud and with my Bluetooth earphones, I can also listen to interesting articles while doing the dishes.  I am indeed a lucky man!