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Posted on February 29, 2016

This blog deals with various ways of helping people with aphasia lessen the after-effects of a stroke. (Ce blogue est disponible en Français)

The blog deals with excerpts from interesting articles and gives relevant links. It is also concerned with research and technological advances in the field.

Associations that provide timely advice are mentioned and worthwhile venues are suggested.

The website tells of my experience with aphasia and how the computer helps me with speaking, reading and writing.

Interesting website for aphasia research :

Speech Therapy in Primary Progressive Aphasia: A Pilot Study

Life Participation Approach to Aphasia

http://www.aphasia. aca/home-page/health-care-professionals/research/

Center for Aphasia Research and Treatment




About lafrn

Je suis retraité depuis longtemps et aphasique depuis 2003..
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